What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a science that involves using modern behavioral learning theory to modify behaviors. It may seem odd to use the word "behavior" when talking about learning to talk, play, and live in a complex social world, but to a behaviorist all these can be taught, so long as there are intact brain functions to learn and practice the skills. That is the essence of the recovery hypothesis--for many children, the excesses and deficits of autism result largely from a learning 'blockage,' which can be overcome by intensive teaching.

What is the focus of the ABA sessions at Empower?

At Empower, we are passionate about our mission of cultivating social growth. Empower is designed and built around this important purpose, which makes us unique from other schools. Empower take our mission into account in every aspect of it's operations, including all of our hiring, curriculum development and program design.

What is spontaneous functional language?

Functional and spontaneous language is the words your child uses on her own….without prompting……in order to get what she wants. This means….she comes up to you and says: “Juice Mama”…..because she wants something to drink. Spontaneous and functional language is NOT scripted and it is not words that are just randomly produced. An example would be this:a child on the autism spectrum may be able to say the word juice, however…..did not want juice. She was just randomly saying the word.

Does Empower accept all kids on the Autistic spectrum?

The programs at Empower are tailored towards clients who are on the Autistic spectrum. An individual assessment with be conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with each prospective client .

My health insurance covers individual ABA therapy. Will Empower process my insurance claims?

Yes. For students who have health insurance that covers individual ABA therapy , Empower will process the insurance claims for those students.

What are the plans for expansion/growth at Empower?

Over the next couple of years we want to start a additional therapist, counselling, provide supporty for career development,
so their childrens can be successful in their adult life.

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