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School Overview

The Empower School is a new licensed private special school in Austin , which has began operation in the summer of 2012 . The school operates as a special  school serving  students on the autistic spectrum disorder ages pre K through Grade 5.

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Our Mission


Our school mission is to provide an opportunity for students on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder with less-intensive needs to succeed through small classroom sizes and low student to staff ratios in the classroom setting. The school’s student body would be comprised of children ages pre K through Grade 5.

Why is our School unique?

The programs at Empower School are unique in its ability to meet the needs of children with Autism. The Programs would deliver a full academic curriculum and also combine intensive instruction in a one-on-one/small group setting based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) addressing the social and language challenges. Enhancing self-confidence and building appropriate behaviors would also be an integral part of the programs.

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